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  • “We love Beautiful Feet Books! Every day, our girls ask to do History & Geography before their other subjects!"


  • "Our History lessons have come alive! Learning about history from a Godly perspective is something that is sorely lacking in today’s age. Thank you for taking the rote memorization out of a subject that should be so rich and full of life. Keep up the excellent work!"

    Angie Copeland

  • "Through all our years of homeschooling the two years we spent completing your Early American history study were two of the happiest!"

    Gretchen Post

  • "We love your family and the way you glorify the Lord in your publications and business. Thank you for being a shining light!"

    Debe Haller

  • "I love your history curriculum! I am a former elementary school teacher who is homeschooling my children and I have never seen any history curriculum like this! Thank you!"

    Laura Deane

  • "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being a wonderful company. You not only provide wonderful books but treat customers very well. I appreciate you!"

    Joy, AL

  • "I LOVE BF books! We've done the Character study and the Early American History study. I'm in the process of ordering the Geography pack and Classical music pack."

    Janelle Middleton

  • "I just received your Character through Literature guide and it is just FABULOUS! Can't wait to use this next school year. THANK YOU BF!"

    Nedra Patton

  • "I have just recently discovered your History and Geography program and I am thrilled. Thank you for serving the Lord in such a mighty way to help our children to grow and learn in the Lord!"

    Karen, MD

  • "We're ♥ ing the Character Study!!! We've just starting the Early American History and so far it's great ;) Thanks!"

    Melissa Vergara