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A Noble Experiment DVD Set, Teacher Resource CD & Workbook

Author: Tim Spickler, M.Ed.
Reading Level: High School
Media: Assorted
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A Noble Experiment DVD Set with Teacher Resource CD & Workbook - By Zeezok Publishing

Pair this course with Zeezok's one-semester Economics course to fulfill both high school requirements!

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Over the years we have been asked many, many times what we recommend for Civics. In this self-directed program we think we have found the answer. Your student will embark on an exciting one-semester (16 week) study of government. BFB is glad to offer you a new product: A Noble Experiment - The History and Nature of the American Government. Designed around the national civics standards, this high school government course utilizes primary source documents to teach the history and principles of our democratic republic. From our research, there is nothing quite like this on the market.

Course materials include a consumable student workbook, a teacher resource CD, and twenty-four video lessons on DVD. The student workbook contains all primary source readings, required and optional student activities, and unit assessments to accompany the DVD lessons.

The Teacher Resource CD contains printable copies of the course outline, the course syllabus, answer keys for all graded student assignments, a grad book to record individual assignment scores, and optional activities for use by the motivated student or home school co-op groups. It also contains the entire transcript of the video lessons, with highlighted key concepts. This format enables the teacher quickly to look up pertinent information without the need to watch the video lessons. Students may also use the transcript to review for assessments. The CD concludes with a course description for use on the student's high school transcript.

Each video session is a self-contained instructional module. More like a conversation than a lecture, the videos cover all the major topics in the National Standards for Civics and Government at the high school level.

Why the title A Noble Experiment? We think the following excerpt from the student workbook says it quite well:

On September 17.1787, the delegates to the Philadelphia Convention signed the completed Constitution of the United States. Patterned after the ancient Roman Republic, with elements of Greek democracy and Enlightenment political philosophy, the Constitution set in motion a form of government based on the premise that people can successfully rule themselves. What a radical concept in an eighteenth-century world dominated by monarchs and tyrants!Like the "holy experiment" of its Puritan predecessor, this "noble experiment" altered the course of history for oppressed peoples everywhere. Its ideals have been exported to the four corners of the earth. Millions live in freedom under its principles. Yet it remains an experiment because each succeeding generation must prove the hypothesis of successful self-government.

Zeezok Publishing's high school government course explores the creation, implementation, and evolution of this experiment.