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My third grader has really loved the stories that we are reading as we study the rich history of our country, and I have enjoyed learning alongside her. We are hooked! Currently, we are reading Stories of the Pilgrims, and it has been so much more interesting than reading out of a textbook! It is really coming to life for her and makes her want to learn more. We look forward to many years of using Beautiful Feet.
Jill, TX

I wanted to tell you that when I told my boys that we were going to be starting school this week, the first thing they said was, "Do we get to do history?" They were so excited to get started back with Beautiful Feet Books. Sometimes life can be difficult but just knowing that we make a difference in the lives of other people truly makes all the difference in our own doesn't it? You have given my kids love of history that only a history-major-for-a-mom could truly appreciate.
—Claire, CA

Thank you for your products. You have brought beauty, imagination and truth in their hearts and minds. As a result my daughters love to read and write interesting and colorful stories. You certainly pass the Philippians 4:18 rule in our household. Thanks for your quality publications.
Silvana, PA

"I just got my latest order from you which is the new Modern American and World package. Thank you, it looks great! I decided to go ahead and order the whole package even though we already own some of the books because I thought some of our books could use a little freshening up after 20 years of homeschooling. I have used and enjoyed your original guides, but these revisions are wonderful. You are doing an awesome service to the home school community. Keep up the good work!"
Colleen, OH

"I just wanted to write a note to tell you how much my family and I have enjoyed your curriculum. The selection of literature chosen, or recommended, has been an excellent enrichment of the text and period of history under study. The follow up writing assignments have been thorough and meaningful and have helped my children develop solid skills in writing, and researching expository material. All in all I have felt that my children have received an excellent historical, rather than revisionist, education and have enjoyed the process. My 16 year-old daughter just completed her high school studies and has felt that Beautiful Feet curriculum has been a tremendous preparation for taking, and passing, her CLEP (College Level Exam Program) exams in History and the Humanities. Not only has she earned 45 college credits but she has learned history accurately, from a Christian worldview, and often excitedly shares with the family what she's learned. After taking her U.S. History I CLEP exam she commented, 'How much people miss from history when they don't learn about God's hand in it!' Thank you for blessing our family in this meaningful way."
Rena, CO

"BFB changed everything about our homeschooling. I started out very hard core new Classical but the kids never clicked with it. The style didn't flow with our family. I also wanted the kids to learn American History. I stumbled on BFB in the comment section of a blog. I struggled for a year over purchasing the Primary Early American History mostly because I could not understand the literature based style. I read plenty of forums where people said they enjoyed the study but very little information on implementation. We are now nearly finished with the study and have loved every minute of the guide. The kids really responded to this way of study and everything in our home school changed. All of us look forward to school time together. Our day is more relaxed and I think their learning has increased. The books BFB chose for their studies are amazing. I've never read any of these books before and have enjoyed them as much as my kids... maybe more so. The kids have enjoyed writing and drawing in their composition book. I love that we use the Bible and talk about character and virtues. I loved that my son found connections between Leif Ericson and Benjamin Franklin through Proverbs. I add projects and recipes for each book we study. I've enjoyed this change in our schooling so much that I've shared our journey through Primary Early American History on my blog. I struggled so much with this purchase that I wanted to share our journey through the curriculum for other home educators who may have the same questions and concerns. This summer we are working through the Geography guide. For next school year we will work through History of Science and my oldest will begin Ancient History and then move onto Medieval. We love the books so much you'll never see them for sale! I tell everyone I know about these guides!"
—Audria, KY

"I love your History Curriculum! I am a former elementary school teacher who is homeschooling my children and I have never seen any History Curriculum like this! Thank you for offering this curriculum. I share it with all my homeschooling friends."

"Thank you again for your help! It is great knowing I can always depend on Beautiful Feet for wonderful books that I can place into my kids hands and not worry about what they are reading! Thanks to you all and of course the Lord, they love to read! Yet again, BFB has made me one BLESSED homeschooling mama and customer! Thank you so very much!"
—Julie, Guam

“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I have been using your studies going on seven years now.  We've completed: Early American History, Early American and World History, History of Science, History of the Horse, Geography, and Ancient History. We have always used the approach that you suggest of reading together and aloud. My daughter is now 15 years-old and in the 10th grade, which is a grade ahead of where she would have been in regular school. In October, at age 14, she took the PSAT and received a score of 161 which would be 1610 on the SAT, and a few weeks ago she took the ACT and scored 22 which is average for an 18 year-old high school graduate! Her reading and literature scores are the highest sections on both of these tests. I truly believe that her high scores are a reflection of your studies and the literature that you offer, and even more valuable is the time we've spent together enjoying reading. Thanks so much!”

“I was looking at your Primary American History jumbo pack on-line and I had to move away from the computer to take care of the baby for a few minutes and when I came back, I found my 1st grader pouring over the picture on the computer. She was sounding out the titles of the books. She said, "Oh, Mommy! These look like wonderful books! Can you buy them for me? They aren't quabble!! Look, this one says it's about George Washington! I LOVE George Washington!!!" She was THRILLED when I told her that we ARE going to get them next year!”
—Angela, MN

I absolutely love your products. I continually recommend them to friends and people I meet at homeschool bookfairs who are looking for history curricula.”
—Ginger, TX

“This is the first time we have used Beautiful Feet and my daughter and I are thoroughly enjoying the lessons! It's been fun, interesting and I love how you have incorporated character building in the lessons. Thank you so much for a great history curriculum based on God's Word.”
—Bonnie, OH

“Our son is really enjoying this curriculum [Ancient History Through Literature]. Thanks again.”

—Marjorie, CO

"I sing the praises of Beautiful Feet Books. Our History lessons have come alive! Your curricula completely engage my children. Learning about history from a Godly perspective is something that is sorely lacking in today’s age. Thank you for taking the rote memorization out of a subject that should be so rich and full of life. Keep up the excellent work!"

"Oh how we love our lesson plans for history from BFB! History has come alive in our house this year teaching both young and old alike. Thanks!"

"We love your high quality literature and excellent prices. Thank you!"

"Last spring my husband came across the Beautiful Feet Catalog I had received in the mail. After reviewing the catalog he commented we should seriously consider using Beautiful Feet as our primary history curriculum. When I asked why he commented “This is the best history curriculum I have ever seen! We placed and order for Early American History Primary package. When the box came it was like Christmas day! Our eight year old daughter dove into the box pulling out the D’Aulaire books yelling “Hooray!” Each evening my husband and daughter read history together, while I sit and listen to the stories. Your curriculum has been a huge blessing to our family. Thank you for your dedication to the homeschooling community!"
—Kathy, WI

"This was our first year using Beautiful Feet Books. I was blown away by all the information contained in these books! I wish my history classes had been this detailed and fun. My 8th grader (and I) love learning history this way and will continue using Beautiful Feet Books through high school!"

"Thank you for your wonderful products. What a blessing they are to my family!"

“This is our first year using your products. My girls and I are thoroughly enjoying the History of the Horse. Thank you for your wonderful guide that has touched our school so much this year.”
—Angela, NM

“I love your approach to teaching... Our children have a love of learning and a love of history because of the literature you have recommended. Thank you for all you do to light the fire for learning!!!
Rebecca, CO

"As always, we LOVE Beautiful Feet Books. My almost 12 year old son said that The Yanks Are Coming is the best and most exciting book he has ever read. Wow!"

"I used your products to homeschool my son, now I am tutoring other children using your material and having parents purchase from you because I am sure of the quality product they will get! God Bless!"
—Renee Ann

"If the teaching is not memorable, there will be no real learning. Your literature-based approach made the study of Early America so memorable – now I am using it again, for my 2nd grade son… and will use it for the ones after him. We look forward to using the Ancient History and the History of Science as well."
—Paige, NY

“I have just recently discovered your History and Geography program and I am thrilled. Thank you for serving the Lord in such a mighty way to help our children to grow and learn in the Lord!
—Karen, MD

"Thank you for the wonderful collection of Geography books. Our family has recently completed Paddle to the Sea and the geography study in combination with IEW’s writing curriculum specifically designed for the collection. It has been a fantastic time of exploration in geography, science, history, culture, literature, writing and vocabulary for our 12 and 9 year old boys! The map is stapled to a large board with colored pencils, thesaurus, dictionary, science encyclopedia and atlas ready. We were excited to find out where Paddle went each day and are sorry it has ended. We are currently re-reading the story to enjoy the literature along with the new appreciation we have of our world. On our next break, we look forward to doing the same activities with Tree in the Trail and so on. Thank you for the quality literature and lovely geography study!"
—Laura, WA

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being a wonderful company. You not only provide wonderful books but treat customers very well. I appreciate you!”
—Joy, AL

“I just wanted to write you a quick note and tell you how much we are enjoying the Beautiful Feet books. We loved all of the books. This year we are loving the U.S. and World History. We are so enjoying the books. Thank you for your great book choices. We are really happy with all that we are reading. I would not have felt as good about last year had it not been for Beautiful Feet. Thank you again.”
Tammy, CA

“I have loved using Beautiful Feet curriculum through the years.”

Debi, TX

“We used your Ancient History study this past year and LOVED it! I am learning things as a home school mother that I never learned in public school. I am getting my second education through your study guides. Keep up the great work. Our family has truly benefited from your product!”

Lynna, TN

“I want to let you know I have searched for a history program for 3 years and have tried a few in the process and was so frustrated with what was out there until I came across BFBOOKs in the Cathy Duffy book. It's amazing how my child loves history now and actually doesn't want to stop reading when that days lesson is suppose to end. Even though it is primary level I myself am learning a lot also. Thank you for publishing this wonderful program.”

Donna, GA

You have GREAT programs. We just finished Early American History Intermediate. My 4th grade son and 6th grade daughter loved it.  Thank you so very much.”

Noreen, FL

“I have ordered many of your sets and love your books and guides. I love the living book way of teaching. Just to let you know, I used the Early American History for Primary grade package with my first and third grade girls and they learned so much more than with the traditional history textbook approach. They actually remember the information! Thank you for this wonderful material.”

—Leeanna, OK

“One of the great bonuses of parenting is that you get to introduce books to your own kids that wowed you when you were a kid yourself. Sometimes your children love the books as much as you did; sometimes they don't. But in either case, you get to revisit with old friends and see how much you and they have changed and retained over the years. Some of my best book friends when I was a kid were the wonderful illustrated histories of Genevieve Foster, and the one I loved most was Augustus Caesar's World. I recently introduced it (and a few others: George Washington's World, Abraham Lincoln's World, The World of Captain John Smith, World of Columbus's and Sons) to my [son], and he's discovering the magic in them I did so many years ago. There are three qualities to Augustus Caesar's World that make it so entertaining and educating. The first is that it's incredibly well written. Foster has the gift of breathing life into historical accounts. In reading about Cicero's execution or the life of Siddhartha, for example, one experiences all the dreadful waste of the one and the liberating wonder of the other. Second, the book is wonderfully illustrated by Foster herself. The illustrations are themselves instructive: along with individual scenarios, she provides time-lines, illustrated most fetchingly, that conveniently encapsulate events and persons. Finally, Foster's histories are really world histories. In Augustus Caesar's World, she focuses on the events leading up to the end of the Roman Republic and the establishment of the Empire (roughly, 44BC to 14AD). But she doesn't limit herself to Roman history; she also examines events taking place across the world during the time frame in which she's working: the druids in Gaul, Hindus in India, Confucius in China, Mayans in the Americas, and so on. She even includes intellectual history: the origins of Christianity and Buddhism, the Upanishadic culture of the Hindus, etc. Her aim is to give the reader a wide angle of vision, and she succeeds wonderfully. I'm grateful that Foster's histories are being republished. They don't patronize kids by resorting to silly gimmicks that supposedly make learning more palatable (or at least more marketable). Instead, they make history fascinating the old fashioned way: by showing that it's a great story in its own right. They're a great discovery for my son, and a great rediscovery for me.”
Kerry Walters, William Bittinger Professor of Philosophy

“This is the first year we have used Beautiful Feet and the first year that we have remembered any of our history lessons!

Kelly, MS

"LOVE this curriculum!"

Lynn, CA

"I used your Ancient History, Medieval History and U.S. and World History courses for my son who homeschooled for 6-9th grade and daughter who homeschooled for 6-8th. They are now back in public high school, attending a supposedly a very academically challenging school. Not only have they aced their World History course (they would only allow the U.S. and World History to count as either US or World History in their transcripts) but on the California standardized test for History my son got 100% of the questions correct in 3 out of 4 sections. In the 4th section, he told me "Mom, I know I missed 2 and I know which ones. They were wrong. They were looking for the accepted answer which is incorrect if they really knew their history". What can I say? Your product is phenomenal. Your selection of quality literature and the vocabulary they garnered from it probably explains why they scored in the 98th percentile of the PSAT. Thank you. I am now starting my Kindergardener and 2nd grader on your Early American course."

J. Lynch, WI

"We tried [________ ] last year. We’re back!"

K. Lewis, CA

"Thank you for providing these great books - "commissioning" new works and reprinting the best of the old. God bless you!"

S. White, LA

"After using Beautiful Feet for a few years, we tried a ‘box curriculum’ last year. My children were bored to tears (and I can’t blame them). Your books make learning history fun and exciting. Your study guides are well written and easy to follow. Thanks for a job well done!"

K. Funk, MI

"Thank you for putting on paper what I had in my heart. We must be kindred spirits! God bless you."

M. Denny, NC

“Love your products and hope to buy more!”
—Margaret, OR

"In June of this year our family completed our very first year of home school . . . Praise the Lord! What an awesome year! I am a 44-year-old mommy who failed history in the public school. But God is turning that all around. ‘Docendo discimus: While we teach, we learn.’ (Latin Proverb) Each one of us together, reading and studying through literature, learning that none should fail! You have filled our hearts and minds with the love of God, the love of country and the love of those who have gone before in strength and courage on our behalf."

K. DePippo, CA