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Archimedes and the Door of Science

Author: Jeanne Bendick
Pages: 142
Reading Level: Intermediate and Advanced (4th through 8th grade)
Media: Paperback
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Archimedes and the Door of Science - by Jeanne Bendick

This biography of one of the most important scientists of Ancient Greece, and an explanation of his contributions to physics, astronomy, and mathematics. Archimedes was a most remarkable ancient Greek. Many of our best idesas about eaducation come from the Greek system of education, which is engagingly discussed in the early chapters of this book. His attitude towards truth, the idea that truth is important for its own sake, not for its practical applications, is of enormous importance. This book shows how exciting Archimedes found ideas, and in exploring those ideas, allows the reader to experience some of the excitement for himself. Also includes information on daily life in Greece and anecdotal stories about Archimedes. A fun and interesting book.

Jeanne Bendick, through text and pictures, admirably succeeds in bringing to life the ancient Greek mathematician who enriched mathematics and all branches of science. Against the backdrop of Archimedes's life and culture, the author discusses the man's work, his discoveries and the knowledge later based upon it. The simple, often humorous, illustrations and diagrams greatly enhance the text.

About the Author: Jeanne Bendick, a graduate of Parsons School of Design, is the author and illustrator of many books, primarily in the field of science. Her work has always been distinguished by her remarkable ability to express complex concepts in simple language, and to make difficult subjects interesting and comprehensible to the general reader. Among her many books are , Along Came Galileo, and Galen and the Gateway to Medicine.