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History of the Horse Study Guide (Download)

Author: Hilary Severson
Pages: 36
Reading Level: Primary & Intermediate 3rd-6th grades
Media: Download 3.5 MB
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Practical Homeschooling Magazine Reader Awards

Tie for 2nd Place in Unit Studies, 2016

Tie for 3rd Place in History, 2016

Tie for 3rd Place in Literature, 2016

Tie for 3rd Place in Geography, 2016

2nd Place in Music Appreciation, 2016

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Now in full-color, we have added comprehension and discussion questions, new student activities, website links, and author bio's, all in a beautiful and easy-to-use format.  All literature for the Horse Study remains the same but the Guide now brings the books to life!

Beginning in the 1700's with the Godolphin Arabian and continuing through the early 1900's, students will learn of the Lipizzaner stallions, wild mustangs, the American bred Morgan horse, the Chincoteague ponies and other breeds. Course utilizes the Marguerite Henry award-winning books, Walter Farley's Black Stallion and Anna Sewell's Black Beauty. Learn horse anatomy, breed identification, basic sketching of horses, charting blood lines and Bible memory verses regarding the horse! 3rd-7th grade level. Contains 92 lessons and it is suggested that three lessons be completed each week.

About the Author: Hilary B. Severson was home schooled K through high school by her parents Russ and Rea Berg, founders of Beautiful Feet Books. Hilary first discovered the wonders of literature when introduced to Marguerite Henry's classic horse titles, many of which are used in this guide. She went on to major in History at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) and was the recipient of the Dr. Dan Krieger Award for Excellence in the Study of History. Upon graduation she taught at San Luis Obispo Classical Academy and also as an online tutor through her business Brownstone Academy teaching history, literature, and SAT prep to high school students. For many years Hilary has advised home schooling parents from Hawaii to Massachusetts with her parent's publishing company. Hilary now resides in Wilsonville, Oregon with her husband James and their two sons.

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