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Your Story Hour: Primary CD Set

Author: Your Story Hour
Reading Level: All Ages
Media: CD
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Your Story Hour: Primary CD Set - Beautiful Feet Books

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Set of four CDs refered to in the Early American History Through Literature for primary grades (K-3). CD H-1 Beyond the Horizon contains the radio theatre dramatized story about the struggles of Christopher Columbus to finance and organizee this first Exploration. Also the story called The Disappearing Light about the first ocean voyance of Columbus. CD H-2 The Mutiny of Alonzo. The jealous and conniving Alonzo mutinies and tries to discredit Columbus. Also Columbus in Chains story. The final chapter in the experiences of Columbus. CD H-3 Persecuted and Betrayed. Harrassed by their government for religious beliefs, a group of English Separatists attempt to cross the ocean to America. Also The First Thanksgiving story. The perilous Atlantic crossing and hardships attendant to forming a new settlement in America: and finally the first feast and celebration of Thanksgiving. CD H-5 America's Arch Hero Makes a Speech. Abraham lincoln gives his Gettysburg Address. Also Bills Scott Faces the Firing Squad. Lincoln pardons a young man sentenced to die for falling asleep on duty.

Each CD is approximately 1-hour in length.