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History of Science Study Guide

Author: Rebecca Manor
Pages: 50
Reading Level: Primary & Intermediate (3rd through 7th)
Media: Paperback
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Practical Homeschooling Magazine Reader Awards

Tie for 2nd Place in Unit Studies, 2016

Tie for 3rd Place in History, 2016

Tie for 3rd Place in Literature, 2016

Tie for 3rd Place in Geography, 2016

2nd Place in Music Appreciation, 2016

A Cathy Duffy "Top Pick for Home School"

Newly Revised and Updated!

History of Science Study Guide by Rebecca Manor

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Our newly revised and updated History of Science is a popular and exciting read-aloud approach to the study of science! Rebecca's course uses biographies to tell the life stories of famous scientists like Archimedes, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, George Washington Carver, Einstein, and others as well as hands-on experiments to prove the scientists' theories and test their discoveries. An enriching way to introduce biology, chemistry, and physics. For grades 3-7, this one-year study will cover basic scientific principles and the history of scientific study beginning in ancient Greece and continuing through the 1990s. Contains 85 lessons, dozens of experiments, lab reports, and much more. Introduce the fascinating world of science to your child and spark their curiosity and desire to understand the world.

About the Author: Rebecca Manor, a homeschool graduate, majored in English Literature at Hillsdale College and studied British Literature at Oxford University. She wrote her first study guide, A History of Science, at age seventeen. She later co-authored Early American and World History with Rea. Her latest study guides are Medieval History Through Literature for both Intermediate and High School. Rebecca and her husband, Scott, currently reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where Rebecca is working towards a Masters in English.

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